Takao Beer Mount will open on June 15th 2019!

Mt. Takao’s popular beer garden Beer Mountain rests at an altitude of 488 meters and will open on June 15th this year.
2019/6/15 (Sat)-10/15 (Tue)
Beer Mountain will be open daily from 13:00 to 21:00 during this period.

(c) Takao Tozan Railway
Place Immediately after getting off the upper cable car station
Period From June 15th to October 15th, every day.
business hours 13: 00-21: 00 (Last order 20:45)
Number of seats Approximately 600 seats
Among them, 120 reserved seats are reserved, and over 300 seats covered seats.
Ticket Men: 3,800 yen (3,500 yen for those 65 and over)
Women: 3,600 yen (3,300 yen for those 65 years and older)
High school student: 3,300 yen
Junior high school student: 2,500 yen
Elementary school student: 1,500 yen
Infant (over 3 years old and under elementary school age): 500 yenExcess charge: 500 yen charges for staying over 2 hours
(After that there is an additional charge for every 30 minutes, 500 yen on weekdays, 1,000 yen on weekends and holidays)

* All-you-can-eat / drink in 2 hours.

Reservation Reservations are possible for 4 or more people on weekdays and 10 or more for weekends and holidays.
Reservations can be made by phone ( 042-665-9943 ) or on their reservation website .
Please note that you cannot select seats through your reservation.
You can cancel up to 3 days before your reservation date.
Numbered Tickets Numbered tickets are issued depending on crowded the venue is.
Other During this period, the cable car’s hours of operation are extended until 21:15.

Beer Mountain is so popular that is necessary to distribute waiting ticketes on weekends in August and September.
While the restaurant is open period, the cable car’s hours of operation are extended until 21:15.

A steady beer with a great view is the best!

New menu in 2019

Beer Mountain is a gourmet establishment with new menus coming out one after another!
The main feature of this year’s new menu is cheese fondue!
It is recommended to eat with local Hachioji-grown vegetables.

In addition, the following items also appear on the menu:

  • Desserts such as macaroons
  • Smoked pork and marinated tomato and edamame
  • Grilled chicken and vegetables
  • Shrimp fritters, fried chicken & potatoes
  • Penne Arabica and Vegetable Gratin

Events in June

There are plenty of Beer Mountain events on weekends in June!

6/15 (Sat), 16 (Sun) Opening event
All-you-can-drink Hachioji local sake “Takao no Tengu”!

June 15 (Sat)-June 21 (Fri) Premium Beer Fair
All-you-can-drink premium beers from the four major Japanese beer makers.

  • Dry premium
  • Ichiban Shibori Premium
  • Premium Malts Masters Dream
  • Yebisu Beer

6/22 (Sat.) and 6/23 (Sun.) Legendary Hop “Sorachiace” Fair!
Beer using hop “Solachiace” born in Kamifurano, Hokkaido will be offered!

6/29 (Sat), 6/30 (Sun) Hoegaarden Fair
White beer originated from Belgian Hoegaarden!

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Mt. Takao Beer Mountain

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