Autumn Leaves of Mt. Takao

The best time to see them is mid-November to early December. Mt. Takao's busiest season.

Many tourists and climbers visit Mt. Takao each year in fall, and it is easily the busiest time of the year.
The trees of Mt. Takao usually turn red between mid-November and early December (though this varies depending on the year).
The leaves around Takao turn red a little later than central Tokyo and other sightseeing spots, so if you missed those, why not pay a visit Mt. Takao?
Trees such as the Japanese maple tree turn red and yellow in a gradual gradient from the base to the summit.

Autumn Leaves Power Spots

Popular spots for autumn leaves on Mt. Takao include the following:

  • In front of Takaosanguchi Station / Cable Car Kiyotaki Station
  • The cable car
  • Yakuo-in Temple and Kasumi-Dai on the mountainside
  • The summit of Mt. Takao and Momiji-Dai

Around Takaosanguchi Station

As soon as you disembark from Takaosanguchi Station, a yellow-colored ginkgo tree waits to greet you. It waxes colorful in early November.
You can also enjoy autumn leaves along the river on the left side of the road from Takaosanguchi Station to the cable car station

The ginkgo tree in front of Takaosanguchi Station. Photo: November 06, 2014
To the left side of the road to the cable car station. Photo: November 30, 2013
River near Takaosanguchi Station. Photo: November 30, 2012

Cable Car Kiyotaki Station Plaza

The plaza in front of the cable car station is surrounded by trees that turn red and is a commemorative photo spot.
Here you can enjoy the autumn leaves quite a bit before your ascent.

Photo: November 25, 2017
The crimson leaves, and a statue of a flying squirrel. Photo: November 22, 2014

Cable Car

A lot of Japanese maples are planted around the cable car and lift track, and you can see the autumn leaves while riding.
For autumn leaves, it is better to get on the cable car or lift than to walk along Trail 1, but the cable car and lift on the weekend during the season of autumn leaves are very crowded, sometimes you have to wait in line to get on.

Courtesy of Hachioji City Tourism Division. Photo: November 29, 2012


Observatory “Kasumi-Dai” is a short walk from the upper station of the cable car.
Located next to a soba restaurant called “11-chome chaya”, you can look down onto the verigated trees.
There are also trees that turn red in the square in front of Kasumi-Dai, and sake is also sold during the Momiji Festival, so you can enjoy a good drink while watching the autumn leaves.

The view from Kasumi-Dai. Courtesy of Hachioji City Tourism Division. Photo: November 21, 2011

Yakuo-in Temple

There are many red maples in the precinct of Yakuo-in Temple.
From the entrance gate to the exit in the direction of the summit, you can spot many trees sporting their best colors.

Around the entrance gate. Photo: November 25, 2012
Next to the stairs climbing Izuna Gongen-do Hall. Photo: November 25, 2013

The summit of Mt. Takao and Momiji-Dai

At the summit, you can see the autumn leaves everywhere.
The cherry tree is also changing colors.
“Momiji-dai”, is a 10-minute walk from the summit, and is also a spot for autumn leaves!

Photo: November 03, 2014
Photo: October 31, 2017
The cherry tree is on the left. November 25, 2012
Autumn leaves at Momiji-dai. It is more fun to see the autumn leaves while eating at “Hosodaya”. Photo: November 17, 2013

Oku-Takao area

You can enjoy autumn leaves on the route from Takao to Mt. Kobotoke Shiroyama.
Since the back of Mt. Takao is much less crowded, it is recommended for those who want to see the autumn leaves in a more relaxed context.
Even though the number of people is lesser than the beaten path, buses from Kobotoke and Jinba-Kogen-Shita are still crowded, and the sun falls early in autumn.

The ever present fall colors are in full swing around Shiroyama Tea House, so you can enjoy the autumn leaves while taking a break. Photo: November 01, 2013
You can see the heart-shaped autumn leaves from the observatory of Mt. Kobotoke Shiroyama. Photo: November 22, 2014

Now you know how to enjoy autumn leaves in the multitude of different vantage points around Mt. Takao from the base to the summit.
Take your time and enjoy the autumn leaves at each spot.

It is often said that the trees with yellow leaves are wild, naturally occurring species on Mt. Takao, whereas the trees with red leaves tend to be trees that were later added.


The autumnal season is when Mt. Takao is most crowded. The congestion is nothing short of amazing.
There is a blog article that summarizes the crowded situation, so please refer to it.

Mt. Takao and Cogestion During the Season of Fall Leaves (2018)

Parking lots are more often than not full on weekends and holidays, so it is best to arrive early or to take the train.

There are a lot of restrooms in Mt. Takao, but there is often a line for women’s restrooms.
The cable car and lift can also have a long wait time, so be sure to arrive in advance with time to spare.

On weekends, some may have to wait around an hour to ride the cable car.


In order to prevent accidents due to congestion, Trail 6, which is narrow, becomes a one-way trail going up in November.

10/27~12/2 Route 6 transitions to one-way trail (2018) | News

Events held at this time

During the autumn season, Mt. Takao hosts events such as the “Momiji Festival” in November.
And there is a stamp rally so why not try it?

We at Mt. Takao Magazine also post updates on the autumn leaves situation on our Twitter and facebook, so please follow us.

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