Trail 3

This trail is recommended for those who want to go to the summit with minimal crowds.

Time:60min(up) 50min(down)

Trail 3 winds to the left from Jyoshin-mon gate on Trail 1 and passes through the southern slope of Mt. Takao.
It passes through a forest with many warm trees, wild grass and evergreen trees. (By contrast trail 4 on the north slope comes in at the same elevation and is full of deciduous trees)
You can see Katsura trees (cercidiphyllum japonicum) in the area near the summit.

Because there are many evergreen trees, the view is not so good and it feels dark, but there are few steep places and it is a relatively easy course.
Near the top of the mountain, it will merge with “Fuji-do” (a back road not shown in the course map) coming from Yakuo-in, and finally merge with Trail 5 until the summit.

Since this trail is relatively free even in the busy season such as when the autumn leaves fall, it is also recommended for those who want to go to the top of the mountain to avoid congestion.

Restroom in this section : None

Trail3 Map

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