Joshin-mon Gate

The entrance of spiritual mountain. Also a landmark for climbing.

Go along Trail 1 from the cable car’s Takaosan Station, and after passing Takosugi (the octopus shaped cedar tree), you will see a gate in front of you.
This gate is called “Johshin-mon”, and delineates the boundary of the Yakuo-in precinct.

A little after Takosugi, you will see Joshin-mon gate.

Joshin-mon is the entrance to Trails 3 and 4 and is a landmark for climbing.
Many people go straight through the gate and follow Route 1, but if you turn to the left of Joshin-mon, you can go to Trail 3, and you can go to Trail 4 if you go to the right. You can also enter Trail 2 of the Loop Course as soon as you enter Trail 3 and 4.

Written in front of Joshin-mon is a sign that reads “Reiki Manzan” (a spiritual mountain).

Sacred shrine rope is also draped over the gate.

To the left of Joshin-mon is a temple called Shinpen-do, which enshrines “Enno-Gyoja” who is said to be the ancestor of “Yamabushi” (a fabled mountain priest). Let’s pray to Yamabushi’s ancestors for strength.

The temple that can be seen in the back of Joshin-mon is “Shinpendo”.
Shinpendo. Here Enno-Gyoja is enshrined.

As you go further, a large monument stands on the left side of the road, it is written that “killing animals is strictly prohibited”

Killing creatures is strictly prohibited
Monument decreeing that “killing animals is strictly prohibited”

Mt. Takao has a long history of protecting living things.
Thanks to this longstanding policy, the mountain remains a sanctuary for wildlife.

After passing through Joshin-mon, it takes about 10 minutes to arrive at Yakuo-in.
Let’s walk along the path through the red lanterns on both sides (donated by Keio Railway).
Soon, you will see Otoko-zaka and Onna-zaka.

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