Kogesawa Plum Grove: Up to 1,400 plum trees



Ura-Takao is famous for its plum blossoms, and the “Takao Baigo Plum Festival” held at the beginning of March each year. The pink and white plum blossoms are a breathtaking sight.

Kogesawa Plum Grove. Photo: March 16, 2013.

Kogesawa Plum Grove is near the “Oshita” bus stop. From Takao Station, take a bus bound for “Kobotoke”.
From there, there is a tunnel on the Chuo Main Line near the bus stop, you can reach the groove by following the path next to the tunnel.

The tunnel on the Chuo Main Line. If you go to the right, the path will lead you to Kogesawa Plum Grove.

There is also a parking lot, but the road around here is very narrow, so it is recommended to use the bus from Takao Station’s north exit headed for “Kobotoke”.

Kogesawa Plum Grove is managed by Hachioji City and is only open during the plum season in March.
Specifically March 9 (Sat) to March 24 (Sun) from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in 2019.

The plum grooves are open when in bloom (Photo taken in 2013)
Entrance to the Kogesawa Plum Grove, near the Chuo Expressway.

In Kogesawa Plum Grove, plums are planted on the slopes of the hill. A promenade runs through them so you can take a walk through the blossoms.
The lower, middle and upper courses are connected by stairs. You can walk all courses in about 30 minutes.

Pink and white plums dot the hillside.
There are several promenades throughout the groove from which you can observe the blossoms in Spring.

The lower, middle and upper courses are connected by stairs.

Many people come to see plum blossoms.
The contrast between the pink and white blossoms is very beautiful.
At the top there is a plaza where you can take a break.
There are also restrooms at the top of the hill.
On the map you can see how the groove is divided into lower, middle and upper tiers.
There is a temporary parking lot, but it is recommended to use a bus because the road around this area is narrow.

At Kogesawa groove you can enjoy the wonderful season of plum blossoms, so if you haven’t been there yet, we highly recommend it!

For details, please visit the Hachioji City website.

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