Setsubun: The Last Day of Winter, and the Festival that Follows

The last day of Winter at Mt. Takao's Yakuo-in Temple

At Yakuo-in Temple, Setsubun is held each year on February 3rd.
Setsubun is a holiday to celebrate the coming of spring.
On this day, we share our happiness with public figures, and together say good-bye to previous year in order to more fully receive the boons of the new year. Each year sumo wrestlers, singers and entertainers are invited, and dried beans are strewn about the Main Hall.

When celebrating Setsubun we usually throw beans and shout, “demons outside” and “good fortune inside”, but it is said that there are no demons on Mt. Takao, so just repeat “good fortune inside”.

Place Yakuo-in Main Hall
Date February 3
Time 6 times between 5am and 2:30 pm

Website related to Setsubun
Yakuo-in website “Takaosan Setsubun”

There is also a report on our website from when we participated in the Setsubun celebration in 2012.
You can see how it feels to be a participant!

Setsubun at Mt. Takao

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