Trail 4

A popular course for it's suspension bridge!

Time:50min(up) 40min(down)

This is a course that traces the north slope of Mt. Takao.
This course is full of temperate forest trees, followed by beech and fir forests.

This trail is popular because there is a suspension bridge (Miyama-bashi Bridge), and it is a course with many climbers.

This path crosses Iroha no Mori Trail  and if you mistakenly take this path you will go down to Hikagezawa (Ura-Takao) and cannot go to the cable car station.

Restroom in this section : below the summit

Trail4 Map

Check Point!

  • 吊り橋
    Miyama-bashi Bridge (suspension bridge)

    This is the only suspension bridge on Mt. Takao. It’s a fairly solid bridge that doesn’t shake as much as you might imagine.

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