Trail 6

A course with plenty forest life and water.

Time:90min(up) 60min(down)

This is a course where you can feel cool even in summer, walking along the stream is quite refreshing.
There is also a place where you can walk through the swamp on stepping stones, which is called the “Water Course”.

On the way, you can see “Biwataki Waterfall” a sacred area where Shinto ascetics train under the waterfall and “Iwaya Daishi”.
It is a popular course where you can see flowers, observe birds and insects, and experience nature.

The path is narrow overall, and the one-way restrictions on climbing are imposed during busy season of autumn leaves and Golden Week.

There are no shops or restrooms from the foot to the summit.
Unlike Trail 1, which has been maintained, it is difficult to climb in high-heels or leather shoes because the trail is rough and the distance is long.

Restroom in this section : None

Trail6 Map

From the foot of the mountain to Biwataki Waterfall (30min)

The paved road on the left side of cable car Kiyotaki Station is the starting point. The pavement will last for about 10 minutes.
There are stone Buddhist images on the paved road, Biwataki Waterfall and Iwaya Daishi on the mountain road, and a section where you can feel the color of Buddhist faith.

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  • Iwaya Daishi
    Iwaya Daishi

    A cave where the legend of Kobo Daishi is said to have happened. The legend goes that Kobo Daishi helped mothers and children who  struggled in the storms, and always offered them candles.

  • Biwataki Waterfall
    Biwataki Waterfall

    Yodo Falls is one of Yakuoin’s Water Dojos (a place for ascetic training under the waterfall). If you apply for it, you can experience waterfall training under their guidance. LEARN MORE

From Biwataki Waterfall to Oyama Bridge (30min)

There is a place where you can get down to the stream, and feel the cool water.
There are also several benches where you can take a break.
Slate can be found in front of Oyama Bridge.

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  • Oyama bridge
    Oyama Bridge

    A bridge around 2/3 the length of Trail 6. There are some benches here so you can rest. The name of the bridge comes from the fact that “Oyama Michi” used to worship Mt. Oyama long ago (though that path is currently an abandoned road).

From Oyama Bridge to the Intersection with Trail 5 (30min)

1/3 of the path remains until the summit. It is a section with a poor footing and a challenging slope.
Be careful because the road here is quite narrow.
Don’t slip at the famous Stepping Stones!
You can also go to the Inariyama Trail just before crossing the stepping stones.
At the end, there will be a flight of what seems like endless stairs.

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  • Stepping stones
    Stepping stones

    There is a place to walk in the stream near the end of Trail 6. However, you will not get wet if you walk on stepping stones. There is not much water in the stream.

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