Chair Lift

A 12-minute air ride up the hillside!

In addition to the cable car Mt. Takao also has a chair lift that you can ride to the midway point of the mountain!
The ride time is about 12 minutes so why not enjoy an aerial trip through the mountains?

The distance from “Sanroku Station” at the foot of the mountain to “Sanjo Station” in the middle is about 872m, which is shorter than the distance the cable car travels (The cable car travels a total of 1,020m).

Ticket Station

To get on the chair lift, you must first buy a ticket. At the foot of the mountain, tickets are sold at Kiyotaki Station, the cable car station.
Although it is sold in the same place as the cable car, please note that the ticket machine for the chair lift is not the same as the cable car.

Ticket office at Kiyotaki Station. The ticket machine on the right is for the chair lift. You can also purchase them from the ticket booth.

If you buy a ticket at Kiyotaki Station, go up the stairs to the chair lift’s “Sanroku Station”.

Go up the stairs to Sanroku Station.
You can see Sanroku Station at the top of the stairs.

To ride down the lift, get on at “Sanjo Station” on the mountainside.
It is in a different location from the cable car station and a little ways away.
If you walk along Trail 1 from the cable car’s Takaosan Station for about 5 minutes, you will see Sanjo Station on the right side.

“Sanroku Station” on the mountainside.


Adult Child
one way 490 yen one way 250 yen
round trip 950 yen round trip 470 yen

* Fees are the same for the cable car and the lifts.
* Children over 3 years of age must have a child ticket. One child under 3 years old is free per adult.
* Junior high school students and older are charged as adults.
For details, please see the Takaosan Tozan Railway website


Weekdays Weekends and holidays
May to November 9:00~16:30 Extended operation depending on the situation
December to April 9:00~16:00 Extended operation depending on the situation

* Ride time: about 12 minutes
* Even during Takao Beer Mountain, the lift will follow the above time table.

How to get on the chair lift

To get on the lift, first step onto the conveyor belt and sit down on the lift chair.
It’s not difficult, but it might be a bit thrilling for the first time.
Luggage, or backpacks must sit on your lap so it is a good idea to prepare this before getting on.

The chair is for two people, but if it is not crowded, it can be ridden by one person.

Place to get on the lift. The staff will direct you onto the conveyor belt.
Get on the moving chair quickly.
There are signs explain how to properly mount the chair lift.

Those who are drunk cannot get on the lift. If you are weak in the legs, not good with high places, and/or are worried about getting on and off, it is recommended to ride the cable car.
The chair doesn’t have a safety bar or belt, so you just sit down.
Please See Notes for details.

While riding

Depending on the spot in the track, there nets to catch any fall.
However if you are afraid of heights it is recommended that you consider if the lift is really for you.

Immediately after departing from the bottom. Since you are rising with the slope it really doesn’t feel like that high up.
As you get further in elevation the chair lift passes over an expanse of netting.
During the season of autumn leaves, you can ride comfortably and enjoy the various colors.
When you are riding up or down, there is a photographer on the way who will take a picture of you.
We’ve reached Sanjo Station. When you dismount step off the chair and onto the belt and immediately turn left.”
Here Aa attendant will guide you when you get off.


As with the cable cars, the chair lift may have a long queue during high-traffic seasons such as Golden Week and the season of autumn leaves.
Sometimes you may have to wait up to an hour.
Sometimes the line for the chairlift is longer than that of the cable car, so check with the information board that displays the waiting time.

Sanroku Station during the busy season. As with the cable cars, there is a long queue.
Depending on the time of day, you may have to wait for the cable car and/or chair lift.

To use the lift safely and comfortably

We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the following notes.
1. If you are worried about getting on and off the lift, please contact a nearby staff member.
2. Please be very careful when riding with small children.
3. Please do not jump off the lift or shake while riding.
4. Passengers who are drunk or have a physical disability will be refused admission.
5. Please refrain from smoking on the lift.
6. Be careful not to wrap clothes or carry-on items (rucksacks, etc.) around the chair.
7. Follow other staff instructions to ensure your safety.

Related website

Takao Tozan Electric Railway official website (English available by automatic translation)
The Website of Mt. Takao Tozan Railway, which operates the cable car and chair lift.
Hours of operation may be suspended due to inspection and maintenance, so please check here.

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