Takaosanguchi Station

The entrance to Mt. Takao as redesigned by Kengo Kuma

Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line is the gateway to Mt. Takao providing easy access from the city center by rail.
Takaosanguchi Station was recently renovation and the construction was completed in 2015.

The new station building, sporting this bold roof design, was designed by Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect (whose other recent projects include working on the New National Stadium).
It is said that the charm of Mt. Takao is expressed his usage of various Japanese traditional timber frames, suitable for Mt. Takao where many cedars grow.

The large roof is made from cedar, the biggest feature of the renewal
The assorted of the cedar beams is a sight to behold.
Here is the concourse to the ticket gate.
The stairs are also beautifully lit
Even the bathrooms have received a stylish makeover (the inside is also beautiful!)
View of the ticket gate from the outside

Along with the renewal of the station building, the square in front of the station has been renovated and the square has become larger.
The tourist information center (operated by Hachioji City), which used to be located at a remote location was relocated next to the ticket gate, increasing convenience for visitors.

The tourist information center moved near  to the ticket gate
The information center also shares the same lovely wood interior.
Here is the station title, in a classy typeface to boot!
“Boarding position” signage is also designed properly

In 2015, when Takaosanguchi Station was renewed, the bathing facility “Keio Takaoyama Onsen Gokurakuyu”, which had been under construction since 2012, opened in October.
The redevelopment and expansion in front of the station, centering on Takaosanguchi Station and Keio Takao Onsen Gokurakuyu, was a cooperative project between Hachioji City and Keio Electric Railway. As part of this, TAKAO599MUSEUM was opened in the same year.

Renovation image around Takaosanguchi Station (Hachioji City)
This is Takaosanguchi Station before renewal (2013). It ’s not at all what it used to be!

The renewal came after the demand from visitors more functional and attractive station facilities.
Here it will continue to attract many people as the gateway to Mt. Takao.

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