Takosugi (The Octopus Shaped Cedar Tree)

A cedar tree with roots bent like a octopus. Its rumored to bring good luck and open new doors.

Just past the monkey park on Route 1 there is a cedar with roots that wind like the foot of a octopus.
Its name is Takosugi or Octopus Shaped Cedar.

It is a very large cedar tree with a height of 37 meters, and is the second largest tree in Mt. Takao after the Meshimori cedar.

The roots here wind like the legs of an octopus.
You can see that it is quite a tall cedar.

Takosugi is actually a legendary tree.
A long time ago, when constructing the path to Yakuo-in, Takosugi stood in the way disrupting plans for construction, and it was decided to cut down the cedar in order to clear the path.
After hearing the story, the cedar decided to pull it roots out of the path overnight and cleared the path so as not to interfere with road to Yakuo-in.
People at the time attributed this to the magical power of the Tengu.

From this story, the octopus cedar came to be known as a tree of good luck because it symbolized opening doors and new paths. Since then many people have come to seek its good luck.

For good luck visitors used to touch the roots, but now they are forbidden to touch.

It is believed that the tree may be over 450 years old, and in 2007 a fence for protection was made because it is not good for the tree to be touched by so many people.
Instead, a stone monument was created, so if you want to benefit, you should touch it.

A note on the fence. Do not touch!
Stone monument “Kaiun Hippari Dako”. Everyone now touches the head of the octopus instead of the roots of the tree.
Photos before 2007 when there was no fence.

The octopus cedar is considered a sacred tree, and the trunk is decorated with a sacred straw rope.
Keeping with the octopus theme, fishery and seafood market-related people have also dedicated monuments.

A memorial stone for the octopus. The names of markets such as Tsukiji, Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Shizuoka are written.

Takosugi rests along the road leading to Yakuo-in after getting off the cable car.
It’s easy to access, so take a break and have a look at this mysterious tree.

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