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Tengu Yaki

Black bean anko is exquisite! Takao's specialty snack in the shape of a Tengu's face

“Tengu Yaki” is a local specialty of Mount Takao, sold since its inception in 2007.
This snack is shaped like a Tengu’s face and is sold at “Takaosan Sumika” just after getting off the cable car at Takaosan Station.

The Tengu Yaki counter in Takaosan Sumika, immediately after leaving the cable car station.
Up to 12 per person.

Tengu Yaki is a taiyaki-like snack that has a crisp crust and anko filling made from Hokkaido sweet black beans. The Tengu’s face is exquisitely cute, and one cannot help but hesitate for a moment before eating it.

Tengu Yaki costs 150 yen
Inside is a black bean anko.
Inside is the sweet black bean paste called anko.

This dark bean anko seems to be made with particular attention, and next to the shop there are explanations of the production from black beans to anko.

Explanation about black bean anko.

Freshly baked Tengu Yaki is the best, but after taking it home as a souvenir, you can enjoy it using a microwave oven or oven toaster.
According to the instructions on the back of the bag:
“To reheat, pour some water on top, heat for about 20 seconds in a microwave oven, then bake lightly for 1 to 2 minutes in the toaster. Savory and delicious.”

The Tengu Yaki takeaway bag has instructions on how to reheat it after it becomes cold.

Tengu Yaki is so popular that long lines form during busy seasons and weekends.
During a busy season such as golden week or autumn, two lines form. One for tenguyaki and the other for the cable car.

The right line is for Tengu Yaki, the left is a line for the cable car.
Sometimes the line extends to the stairs of the beer mountain venue.

Tengu Yaki is sold only here at Takao Sumika on the mountainside, so you have to line up for it.

Tengu Yaki has become a specialty of Mt. Takao. It is said to be the most popular food on Mountain.
How about giving it a try?


Address: Takao-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo
TEL: 042-661-4151 (Takao Tozan Railway Representative)
Open hours: 10:00 to 17:00
Irregular holidays


Tengu Yaki 150 yen

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