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Juichichome Chaya (11th District Tea House)

Founded in 1899, this long established shop dresses gourmet flavors with the rich cultural history of Mt. Takao

When you get off the cable car and walk along Trail 1, you will see “Juichichome Chaya” soon.
It is a long-established chaya (traditional tea shop) founded in 1899, next to the observation deck called Kasumi-dai.

You can buy dumplings and souvenirs at the shopfront.

Beside the observation deck called Kasumi-dai, you can enjoy a wonderful view from the shop.
In addition to tables and zashiki (Japanese style tatami seats), there are superb terrace seats.
When the weather is nice, you can see Enoshima and the landmark tower in Yokohama.

This terrace seat is the most popular. The view is amazing.
The inside of the shop is open and spacious.

The specialty soba is thick. It pairs well with Tororo (mountain yam grated into a fine paste).

Cold tororo soba noodle 900 yen.
Cold tororo soba noodle with wild vegetables. 1100 yen.

In addition to soba, there are also side menus such as oden and wild vegetables.
Dango (dumplings) sold at the shopfront can also be eaten inside the shop.

Menu in the store. There are many types of shaved ice.

Juichichome Chaya also has a souvenir shop, where customers usually gather to purchase their wares.

Many people gather for souvenirs and dumplings.
Here they sell many kinds of souvenirs to Mt. Takao

The store’s name “Juichichome” (meaning the 11th district) is said to originate from the distance of 11-chome from Yakuo-in Temple. (chome is old unit of distance. 11-chome is about 1.2km)
A monument explaining this stands in front of the store.

The stone monument explaining the history and origin of 11-chome

Juichichome Chaya has a long history and is sometimes used in Yakuo-in Temple events.
For events such as “Autumn Festival,” a parade is often held from Juichichome Chaya to Yakuo-in.

Yakuo-in Autumn Festival. Participants pray in front of Juichichome Chaya.

On a television broadcast it was revealed that the shop owner lives on the second floor of the shop.
When most of the shops on the mountain close, employees make their trek down the mountain, however Juichichome Chaya is one of the few residences on Mt. Takao.

In conclusion, Juichichome Chaya is a lovely restaurant laden with historical meaning gourmet tastes and the scenery of the mountain. Please drop in if you have yet to give it a try!


Address: 4225 Minamiasakawacho, Hachioji City, Tokyo.
TEL: 042-661-5999
Opening hours: 10:00 to 15:00
Irregular holidays


Tororo Soba 900 yen
Tororo soba with wild vegetables 1,100 yen
Miso oden (2 pieces) 350 yen
Draft beer 700 yen
Toasted dango and sweet dango 650 yen

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